November 17, 2017

Girls' Day Out...

Holiday Booty

I met up with Kathy and her grade school friend, Barb in Menasha (WI) yesterday. They started their shopping day earlier in Appleton, but Tag and I caught up with them at Primitive Gatherings mid-morning.

I hadn't realized that Primitive Gatherings was having their holiday open house, so it was a wonderful surprise to see all their newest items, get a few holiday-themed projects, snag a few sale items, and even find a little bottle brush tree to sit next to my sewing machine!

Projects From Primitive Gatherings

There were homemade cookies, free patterns (with a modest purchase), make & take classes in the basement of their shop (which is a remodeled home), and prize drawings. Kathy and Barb each got to choose from the door prize offerings when their names were drawn!

Sewing and Stitching Kits

I bought the little Peppermint Lane table runner kit to go with the free pattern (It's really festive!); an annual pincushion (featuring geraniums) from 2015, which I'll date the year I assemble it; a gorgeous ivory penny rug table mat kit (top left); mixed grey and cream wools (I needed those for another project); a book by Janet Clare (I just love her designs); and a pattern with preprinted panels for little holiday bowl filler pillows.

After shopping, the three of us lunched at The Weathervane in downtown Menasha. We parted ways after our meal, but I'll see Kathy again next week for PG's Sit & Sew on Tuesday. Now I have a nice list of options for what I'll be working on that day!

Tag and I stopped at the apple orchard on our way home. They'll be closing for the season on the 27th, and their stock is getting low. I wanted McIntosh apples to use for canning more applesauce, but they were out for the remainder of this year. I bought Cortlands instead, so I'll still make applesauce, but it will be a little different because of the apple variety. It will be tasty just the same.

I'll be in the studio today. I listed up new fabrics in my shop over the past couple of days, but I think today will be for sewing. What am I going to work on? I have no idea. I'll just see where my muse takes will make for an interesting day, I think.


November 16, 2017

It Was One Of Those Days...

Me. 1983.
Today, I just rested and caught my breath. I needed that.
Spending time today with my pal, Kathy and another friend of hers.
We're going shopping in the Valley. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.


November 15, 2017

By George, I Think I've Got It...

My "Perfect" Chocolate Chip Cookie

You know I've been whining about obsessed unhappy with my chocolate chip cookies for some time now. I was unable to make a cookie that met my standards the entire time we lived in Florida, and even for the past few attempts back here in Wisconsin, they were less than what I wanted.

Image from SimpleMost blog

Handsome hinted that he would like me to send a batch of cookies to him in Florida, so yesterday I decided to experiment a bit. His hint was in the form of a link to that chart/blog post I reference a couple of years ago here on my blog. This was the post from a site called SimpleMost. I went back and read it again, and then decided to experiment to come up with my own cookie recipe.

Aren't They Pretty?

I began with the same Toll House Cookie recipe I'd been making since I was eleven. It seems that after I got smart about measuring ingredients and being more precise, my cookies started to literally fall flat. I needed to think like eleven year old Donna again.

I decided to measure out the flour as I would have as a kid. Instead of scooping the flour into the measuring cup, I'd use the measuring cup as the scoop, which has a tendency to pack more flour into the cup. Then (after rereading the other post), I decided I'd change the proportions for white sugar to brown sugar. Finally, I split the baking soda into half baking soda, half baking powder. I know. I changed three things instead of just one. Not always the smartest way to experiment, but it worked!

I'm going to share my exact (double batch) recipe with you in case you'd like to try it for yourself.

(Click on the recipe to enlarge and save.)

Pier One Plates From 2016
In case you're curious about the plate pictured with my cookies, this is the little guy trying to peek out from under the cookies. I bought a few of these plates at Pier One last fall, when we were in Wisconsin purchasing the farmhouse. I don't know whether or not they're still available. I haven't gone to Pier One lately. (I get in trouble shopping there! lol)
Half of this batch is shipping to Handsome today. The other half went up the hill to Shelly, Andy and grandson, Eli. I was smart and only kept a few here to have after dinner last night.
If you make up my recipe, please let me know how they work out for you. I'd love to know if you get the same results! 


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